Alucobond Installation


Looking for unique, cost-effective material options for your building’s finishing? H-Star Industries offers installation of premium quality Alucobond panels from Germany guaranteed to provide any establishment with an exceptional look.

Our installation procedure ensures that every project meets the highest standard possible.

What is Alucobond?

Alucobond is the world’s leading aluminium composite material often used for airports, hospitals, commercial buildings and stadiums. Its stable, flexible and smooth surface makes it a perfect choice for roof edges, awnings and wall claddings.

It has a sandwich panel structure composed of three layers – a low-density core and two thin aluminium sheets bonded to each side.

Alucobond has a lightweight, high-bending and rigid façade material making it resistant to high corrosion, extreme weather conditions and it absorbs vibrations.

Why choose Alucobond as panelling material?

H-Star Industries specialise in Alucobond installation for different types of applications including inside, outside, residential and commercial structures. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for various architectural designs.

Alucobond is available in various colours and finishes, which makes planning and designing easier and more convenient.

The durability and resistance of these panel materials have internationally approved fire performance. Additionally, our Alucobond panels have consistent colour quality and layer thickness which are easy to fold and bend.

With affordable jobs and fixed deadlines, our team can provide you with Alucobond installation services guaranteed to deliver the results promised.

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